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Microsoft Certified Official Practice Test 70-765 Questions and Answers

Microsoft Certified Official Practice Test 70-765 Questions and Answers

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Latest 70-765 Questions Dumps So You Can Easily Pass 70-765 SQL Server Exam

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(Topic 1)
You have a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 named SRV2014 that has a single tempdb database file. The tempdb database file is eight gigabytes (GB) in size. You install a SQL Server 2016 instance named SQL Server 2016 by using default settings. The new instance has eight logical processor cores. You plan to migrate the databases from SRV2014 to SRV2016. You need to configure the tempdb database on SRV2016. The solution must minimize the number of future tempdb autogrowth events.
What should you do?

A. Increase the size of the tempdb datafile to 8 GB. In the tempdb database, set the value of the MAXDOP property to8.
B. Increase the size of the tempdb data files to1 GB.
C. Add seven additional tempdb data files. In the tempdb database, set the value of the MAXDOP property to8.
D. Setthe value for the autogrowth setting for the tempdb data file to128megabytes (MB). Add seven additional tempdb data files and set the autogrowth value to128 MB.

Answer: B

Note: This question is part of a series of questions that use the same or similar answer choices. An answer choice may be correct for more than one question in the series. Each
question is independent of the other questions in this series. Information and details provided in a question apply only to that question. You have deployed a GS-series virtual machine (VM) in Microsoft Azure. You plan to deploy Microsoft SQL Server. You need to deploy a 30 megabyte (MB) database that requires 100 IOPS to be guaranteed while minimizing costs.
Which storage option should you use?

A. Premium P10 disk storage
B. Premium P20 disk storage
C. Premium P30 disk storage
D. Standard locally redundant disk storage
E. Standard geo-redundant disk storage
F. Standard zone redundant blob storage
G. Standard locally redundant blob storage
H. Standard geo-redundant blob storage

Answer: A

(Topic 2)
Note: This question is part of a series of questions that present the same scenario. Each question in the series contains a unique solution. Determine whether the solution meets
stated goals. You manage a Microsoft SQL Server environment with several databases. You need to ensure that queries use statistical data and do not initialize values for local
variables. Solution: You enable the PARAMETER_SNIFFING option for the databases.
Does the solution meet the goal?

A. Yes
B. No

Answer: A

You are deploying a Microsoft SQL Server database that will support a mixed OLTP and OLAP workload. The target virtual machine has four CPUs. You need to ensure that reports do not use all available system resources. What should you do?

A. Enable Auto Close.
B. Increase the value for the Minimum System Memory setting.
C. Set MAXDOP to half the number of CPUs available.
D. Increase the value for the Minimum Memory per query setting.

Answer: C

70-765: Provisioning SQL Databases Beta Exam... Join Today!

70-765: Provisioning SQL Databases Beta Exam... Join Today!

It is safe to say that you are a planner, senior engineer, framework pro, or improvement lead? Do you have a working information of the different cloud benefit models and administration demonstrate designs, information stockpiling choices, and information synchronization systems, organization models, overhauling and relocating databases, and applications and administrations? Do you know how to coordinate Azure applications with outside assets? Assuming this is the case, we require your offer assistance! What's more, by helping us, you will be making a course for gaining your MCSA in SQL Server! 

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Additionally, remember that this exam is in beta, which implies that you won't be scored instantly. You will get your last score and passing status once the exam is live.

Pass Microsoft 70-765 Exam with Guarantee

Pass Microsoft 70-765 Exam with Guarantee

The MCP-MCSA 70-765 exam Dumps concentrates on the progress and most recent aptitudes required to configuration, look at and actualize the 70-765 Provisioning SQL Databases. By the assistance of this certification, hopefuls would have the capacity to think and react quickly and show hands on aptitudes required for the virtualization designer work part. The primary motivation behind the Marks4Sure 70-765 exam is to help the contender to plan for the exam. The hopefuls ought to have learning and aptitudes that are essential for the evaluation and plan of an undertaking 70-765 Adminstrator level condition which comprises of the center ideas about the Microsoft 70-765 Provisioning SQL Databases Virtualization items which incorporate the Data Server Networking, .

Pass Microsoft 70-765 Exam with Guarantee

The Microsoft 70-765 Dumps symbolizes an apprentice level certification concentrates on creating essential standards in IT industry utilizing Microsoft Certified Professional 70-765 mechanical advancement. The Microsoft 70-765 certification Dumps is fitting for individuals who need to develop an exceedingly compelling, persistent calling in IT industry utilizing 70-765 Provisioning SQL Databases items. To ensure a magnificent execution at the certification examination and along these lines have the capacity to get in having the Microsoft 70-765 certification Dumps with a top place, you ought to deal with a suitable sort of 70-765 practice test question preparing.

Microsoft 70-765 MCP-MCSA Targeted group of onlookers

This exam can be taken by the accompanying employment parts:
  • SQL Database Developer
  • Database Design Specialist
  • Arrange Server Engineer
The test-takers are prescribed to have the data and skill to evaluate and plan the undertaking Adminstrator level generation situations which comprise of the center information of the 70-765 Provisioning SQL Databases and its items.

70-765 Exam Question Answers – Specification 70-765 Exam are:

The certification name is Microsoft Certified Professional, Provisioning SQL Databases and the exam ID is 70-765 braindumps. This exam depends on 60 questions. The passing rate for this exam is 55%. This exam is accessible in English dialect. a hour and a half are given to finish this exam. The no-local English speakers must request some additional time while they enroll for the exam. 

Pass Microsoft 70-765 Exam Topics – Objectives with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

The retake strategy of this exam is straightforward; if a hopeful flops in the principal endeavor then he/she should sit tight for 24 hours from the first run through before he can enlist for this exam once more. He/she should sit tight for no less than 14 days after the main endeavor with a specific end goal to retake this exam.

Skill and data required for the 70-765 Exam Technology
  • Data Server Networking
The test takers must have 2 years hands on involvement of the Microsoft 70-765 items including every last bit of it planning parts.

Microsoft 70-765 Exam Topics – Objectives

The center Microsoft 70-765 exam targets incorporate the accompanying:
  • Execute SQL in Azure
  • Oversee databases and examples
  • Convey and relocate applications
Give a visit to the connection beneath and get free demo of Microsoft 70-765 MCP-MCSA exam preparation material:

Microsoft 70-765 Exam Provisioning SQL Databases

Microsoft 70-765 Exam Provisioning SQL Databases

The Microsoft 70-765 Provisioning SQL Databases exam is a standout amongst the most difficult exam by Microsoft. This exam requires a considerable measure of preparation and studying to win a decent 70-765 passing score. Subsequently, we at have set up a group of exceptionally qualified specialists regarding this matter to make the best studying material for you. The study material we accommodate the Microsoft 70-765 Provisioning SQL Databases exam is as well as can be expected find on the web. Our 70-765 exam material is an intricacy of questions and answers that will help you in passing 70-765 exam. 

70-765 Exam Updates

Not exclusively is our study material as well as can be expected discover, it is additionally the most itemized and the most refreshed. Our group at Marks4Sure screens the course layout gave by Microsoft to the 70-765 braindumps Provisioning SQL Databases exam for any odds and updates. We refresh the questions answers 70-765 record as per the adjustment in course. Marks4Sure additionally gives you free updates for 90 days after the buy of the study material. We know the significance of this exam, so we have you secured if a refresh is made to the course by Microsoft.


We at Marks4Sure know that it is so imperative to study for the Microsoft 70-765 Provisioning SQL Databases exam and infrequently you need to study while you are moving. That is the reason we give our 70-765 study material in a Marks4Sure 70-765 PDF design. Since PDF is the main arrangement that chips away at practically every gadget and PC, it helps you study while you are moving.

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Microsoft 70-765 Buy and Download

You can purchase and download our downloadable 70-765 material for Microsoft 70-765 Provisioning SQL Databases exam effectively. Simply add this study material to your truck, enter your charging data and once you have finished the buy procedure, you will have the capacity to download the 70-765 pdf petition for Microsoft 70-765 Provisioning SQL Databases exam in a PDF document design. After the buy, you will get any 70-765 updates that this 70-765 study material gets for the following 90 days. Furthermore, your 30 days day and age for the 100% unconditional promise will begin once you have finished the buy.

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Introduction Exam 70-765

Introduction Exam 70-765

Pricing does not reflect any promotional offers or reduced pricing for Microsoft Imagine Academy program members, Microsoft Certified Trainers, and Microsoft Partner Network program members. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Pricing does not include applicable taxes. Please confirm exact pricing with the Marks4Sure 70-765 exam provider before registering to take an exam.

Skills Measured

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below. The percentages indicate the relative weight of each major topic area on the exam. The higher the percentage, the more questions you are likely to see on that content area on the exam. View video tutorials about the variety of question types on Microsoft exams.Please note that the questions may test on, but will not be limited to, the topics described in the bulleted text.

Do you have feedback about the relevance of the skills measured on this exam? Please send Microsoft your comments. All feedback will be reviewed and incorporated as appropriate while still maintaining the validity and reliability of the certification process. Note that Microsoft will not respond directly to your feedback. We appreciate your input in ensuring the quality of the Marks4sure Microsoft Certification program.

If you have concerns about specific questions on this exam, please submit an exam challenge.
If you have other questions or feedback about Microsoft Certification exams or about the certification program, registration, or promotions, please contact your Regional Service Center.

Who should take this exam?

This exam is intended for architects, senior developers, infrastructure specialists, and development leads. Candidates have a working knowledge of the various cloud service models and service model architectures, data storage options, and data synchronization techniques. Candidates also have a working knowledge of deployment models, upgrading and migrating databases, and applications and services, in addition to integrating Azure applications with external resources.